Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Build an inclusive workplace where your people feel they belong

The benefits of diversity and inclusion are clear: organizations with inclusive cultures are 6x more likely to be innovative and agile. But diversity and inclusion initiatives today often focus on meeting compliance targets and result in infrequent inclusion efforts with short-term impact.

What if D&I programs could measure more than demographic data, equip more employees to champion inclusive practices, and drive greater insight into how belonging impacts every aspect of the employee journey?
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  • Diversity means a culture that values uniqueness.

    Inclusion means inviting diverse groups in and ensuring everyone can take part in company life.

    Belonging helps each individual feel they can bring their authentic self to work and be accepted for who they are.

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    The power of Belonging
    When employees feel that they belong at work, they bring their best selves and do their best work together. Glint advocates for belonging as a key focus of your diversity and inclusion strategy.

    With Glint’s Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIBs) approach, organizations can measure their employee sentiments, empower managers to build inclusive practices in their teams, and create an environment where all people feel they belong.


    Employees with a strong sense of belonging are over six times more likely to be engaged and bring their best selves to work.
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    Understand the employee sentiments that matter
    Think beyond demographic data to measure whether your people actually feel a sense of inclusion and belonging on their teams.

    Glint incorporates DIBs into our frequent pulsing approach, enabling organizations to gather real-time feedback and truly understand how their employees feel.
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    Empower people at all levels to be DIBs champions
    Glint helps organizations create bottom-up change by empowering action and ownership of DIBs initiatives at the local level.

    By providing frontline managers with insightful data, tailored guidance, and curated learning resources, you can equip more leaders to build inclusive practices into their team’s day to day experiences.
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    Create ongoing practices across the organization
    All of Glint’s survey programs benefit from Glint’s AI-for-HR technology. With Cross Program Intelligence you can connect your DIBs initiatives to other programs and understand how belonging impacts the employee journey. Attrition predictions allow you to understand where belonging impacts turnover, and Narrative Intelligence synthesizes comments to pinpoint issues your employees care about most.
Create a culture of belonging with Glint