Employee Engagement

Get a clear picture of employee engagement in real-time, anytime.


The health of your organization can be difficult to assess and improve. What if your leaders had deep visibility into employee engagement, the insight to focus on what's most important, and the guidance to take effective action?
Glint gives HR teams, leaders, and managers on-demand access to employee feedback, surfacing insights that help you focus on employee engagement issues across a global, diverse workforce. It is uniquely designed to overcome the typical barriers to action by guiding leaders and managers through the process of strengthening employee engagement and driving results.

Employee Engagement Features

  • Feature
    Glint Employee Engagement Pulse
    Keep your finger
    on the pulse.
    Glint employee pulse surveys gather powerful data in no time, providing actionable results in real time. Use Glint's standard questions based on proven employee engagement drivers or add your own. Confidential workforce pulses take just minutes to complete and update to Glint instantly.
  • “The data that’s provided from Glint and our employee engagement survey is absolutely invaluable. It’s the only empirical evidence we have of our return on investment.”
  • Feature
    Glint Heat Map
    Start with the big picture.
    Interactive employee engagement dashboards display a holistic breakdown of an entire organization's health, identify areas that need attention and allow users to drill down into data as deep as they want.

    Your leaders all see the employee engagement results specific to their roles, giving them quick visibility into response rates, scores, trends and alerts.
  • Feature
    Glint Driver Impact Report
    Descriptive. Diagnostic. Predictive.
    Industry-leading employee engagement analytics allow you to explore results at the speed of thought. Heat map, driver impact, KPI linkage, cross-program, and executive presentation reports deliver insights, predict problem areas and help you share them with your teams.
  • Feature
    Install an early
    warning system.
    Glint's AI-for-HR™ technology uses predictive analytics and machine learning to generate real-time alerts for employee populations at risk of increased attrition, decreased performance or changes to other key performance indicators.

    This revolutionary capability helps you spot anomalies hidden in the data before they impact employee engagement, giving leaders and managers time to put informed plans in place.
  • Feature
    Glint Narrative Intelligence™
    Visualize your organization's story. And help write the next chapter.
    Glint's Narrative Intelligence™ boasts the industry's most advanced natural language processing (NLP) to synthesize open-ended employee feedback and deliver insight. Modern people science, machine learning, and interactive visualization help you quickly surface key themes and guide specific action that improve employee engagement.
Create a culture of action-taking fueled by your teams.
Create a culture of action-taking fueled by your teams.
As soon as a pulse survey is completed, Glint provides each manager with recommended focus areas, curated learning resources including LinkedIn Learning content, and suggested actions specific to the dynamics of their team. Using transparent and shareable goals, managers can collaborate with their team to act on feedback and make it a regular part of how they operate.
Measure and improve employee engagement with Glint.