Employee Lifecycle

Provide Insights Across the Employee Journey


Key transitions in the employee journey can have outsized effects by setting your people on the path to high engagement and performance. The opposite is also true. Understanding the employee journey is critical to their — and your — success.
Glint delivers a holistic understanding of engagement throughout the employee experience. It makes it possible to combine your feedback programs onto a single, integrated platform, helping you identify and address critical points in the employee journey.

Glint Employee Lifecycle is designed to give you a view into the employee journey and help you improve those times that matter most.

Employee Lifecycle Features

  • Feature
    Glint Lifecycle Programs
    Measure the moments that matter.
    Glint provides full lifecycle coverage across the employee experience, capturing feedback from the day your people join to the day they leave. Customizable onboarding survey content covers topics like recruitment, training, role clarity, information resources, and manager support. Exit survey content includes reasons for leaving and disengagement triggers.
  • "Glint illuminates a wealth of knowledge around the impact of our onboarding efforts on the long-term success of our team. The analytics and real-time insights have helped us quickly implement changes that make our new employees feel more valued and supported from day one."
    Kate Sheridan
    Director of Employee Engagement
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    Put your programs on autopilot.
    Glint integrates with your company's HRIS, such as Workday, Oracle, ADP, or SAP, allowing you to effortlessly gather and analyze feedback without the manual hassle. Feedback requests and real-time analysis are instantly delivered based on status changes or events such as onboarding, role change, exit, and post-exit.
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    Glint Cross-Program Intelligence
    See the employee journey in a whole new light.
    Glint’s Cross-Program Intelligence connects feedback from every touchpoint in your employee's journey, giving you unprecedented insight into the impact of these experiences over time. Overlay your engagement feedback with onboarding, manager, team, ad hoc, and exit scores — and surface the impact these combined experiences have on retention and other business outcomes. Glint makes all this possible by giving HR teams and leaders a single integrated source for all employee experience data.
Get a holistic view of the employee lifecycle.