Manager Effectiveness

Develop Stronger Leaders and More Effective Managers


Managers play a critical role in creating a high-performance organization. While all managers know the importance of developing and engaging their people, many report the lack of the data, tools, and resources they need to focus and act on the right issues for their teams.
Glint helps develop stronger leaders and managers through more frequent team feedback, data-driven insights, and personalized action plans. Our program helps you empower managers with the visibilty, insight, and guidance they need to focus on the right issues for their teams.

Glint Manager Effectiveness is designed to make it easier for managers to focus and take action to improve.

Manager Effectiveness Features

  • Feature
    Listen. Learn. Repeat.
    Glint helps managers gather frequent, focused feedback from team members — facilitating a continuous process of listening, learning, and change. Customizable survey content covers key areas of manager performance, including priority setting, decision making, recognition, and career development.
  • “Glint provides a very intuitive experience for our managers. They’re able to do more meaningful analysis with the feedback their teams provide and swiftly partner with HR to drive performance and retention.”
    Jen Fong
    Senior HRBP Manager
  • Feature
    Glint Strengths & Opportunities
    Hone in on the right issues.
    AI-for-HR™ technology analyzes feedback to deliver specific insights around the strengths, opportunities, and risks of each manager. Narrative Intelligence™ deepens understanding by turning comment data into actionable themes and suggestions.
  • Feature
    Glint Action Taking
    Give managers a personalized blueprint for success.
    Based on a manager’s unique results, Glint suggests focus areas, learning resources including curated LinkedIn Learning content, and targeted actions to improve their effectiveness. Glint’s Collaborative Action capabilities also allow managers to share goals with their team and peers, helping them learn from best practices across the organization.
Cultivate stronger leaders with Glint.