People Success

Create a thriving culture of engaged employees and inspiring leaders

Improve the employee experience through People Success habits

People Success happens when people bring their best selves to work to do their best work. Achieving this requires more managers and employees take joint ownership over their engagement, development, and well-being. To help everyone participate in creating better experiences at work, Glint enables your people to develop core behaviors we call People Success habits - seeking and reflecting on feedback, prioritizing time to listen and learn, setting focus areas, and exploring learning opportunities.
Through the adoption of these People Success habits:

  • Employees feel empowered to shape their team’s culture and seek feedback that helps them improve.
  • Managers are equipped to support their teams and develop into more effective leaders.
  • HR and executives understand what drives people and business success, informing their investments in diversity and inclusion, well-being, and development initiatives.
  • “Having a platform like Glint helps leaders leverage data they otherwise might have been too intimidated to even approach. Glint helps engage employees and create conversations that lead to improvement and growth.”
    Jacob Norman, Director of Talent Insights
    Christus Health
  • Gain deeper insights into the employee experience
    Glint provides multiple feedback touchpoints and state-of-the-art analytics to help you uncover key opportunities that impact employee engagement, performance, and retention. This powerful combination gives you deeper insights into the end-to-end employee experience, so you can truly understand what your people need to succeed.

    • Engagement and lifecycle surveys collect feedback throughout the employee journey
    • Respond, Recover, Reimagine toolkits help you adapt your people strategy for the changing world of work
    • Industry-leading analytics uncover high-impact opportunities and predict problem areas
    • Microsoft Viva partnership shows how workplace patterns shape employee perceptions
  • Equip every manager to take effective action
    The most effective managers do more than just listen to feedback, they collaborate with their teams to address critical opportunities. Glint guides your managers to involve their teams in the process of reflecting on feedback results, setting focus areas, and brainstorming next steps, so they can create a better path forward together.

    • Broader Team Insights ensures every manager has access to their team feedback
    • Guided Conversations coach managers to lead team discussions and set focus areas
    • Integrated LinkedIn Learning videos help managers take action more effectively
    • Adaptive Nudges reach managers in the flow of work, guiding them toward habits for success
  • Invite employees to participate in shaping the work environment
    People Success requires every person in your organization to play an active role in creating better experiences at work. Glint invites employees to participate in the process of regularly surfacing concerns, identifying solutions, and making changes over time.

    • Post-Survey Learning Experience recommends LinkedIn Learning videos that facilitate self-reflection and quality team discussions
    • Collaborative Action enables employees to develop shared ownership of improvement areas
    • Microsoft Teams integration encourages employees to give feedback in the flow of work
  • Empower every individual to develop their skills and grow
    Employees who receive regular developmental feedback gain greater self-awareness that accelerates their growth. Glint creates a feedback-rich culture where every employee can take greater ownership over the feedback process and tap into world-class learning content to learn new skills.

    • 360s and 180s give more people access to holistic feedback and LinkedIn Learning content to help them develop as leaders
    • Anytime Feedback & Recognition provides every employee with the ability to seek timely feedback and recognize their teammates
  • Build an effective organization with Culture and D&I initiatives
    Organizations that proactively manage their culture and build inclusive practices into how work gets done have better business and people outcomes. With a strong culture and sense of belonging, people feel inspired to bring their best selves to work, to do their best work.

    • Culture program measures how key behaviors impact business outcomes and equips leaders to adopt the behaviors that support a stronger culture
    • Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging program surfaces inclusive leadership opportunities and empowers managers to build belonging practices on their teams
Create a culture of continuous feedback and growth with Glint