Lisa Doyle

Vice President of Human Resources, HCA Healthcare

People Success Insight

Creating a culture that unleashes the inner hero

Lisa Doyle would be the first to say she's had a fast-paced ride throughout her career. Her first job after college was in Human Resources, something she’s still passionate about after 30+ years. Most of her experience has been with two companies: PepsiCo, a consumer packaged goods company best known for beverages and food, and HCA Healthcare, one of the nation’s largest providers of patient services. Both offered her many opportunities to learn and grow. Whether in a corporate, sales, manufacturing, or a hospital environment, in a large city or small town, Lisa accepted every challenge to round out her skills and build her experiences.

After her career at PepsiCo, her life took another turn: motherhood. She embarked on this new adventure quickly and is a mom of three children, now 15, 13 and 12.

When Lisa was ready to resume her HR career journey, she accepted leadership of HR at St. David’s HealthCare, an affiliate of HCA Healthcare in Austin. St. David’s taught her the importance of having a clearly understood organizational mission and common set of values to create and grow a positive, patient-focused culture. Later, she transferred to Nashville, TN to join the HCA parent company, first as the Group VP of HR providing support to about half the company’s hospital divisions, then as the VP for Engagement and Development for the entire enterprise.

“At HCA, we have over 270,000 colleagues who either provide direct care to our patients or support those who do. Because of our footprint and capabilities, we have opportunities to improve more lives in more ways. Our culture allows our local affiliates to represent their own unique histories and traditions in their markets, while taking advantage of our huge scale to bring best practices to their patients,” Lisa said.

“Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring, and integrity they think of you.”

Helping people unleash their inner hero happens every day across HCA Healthcare. That’s especially true when tragedy strikes, whether in the form of hurricanes and wildfires or violence like the mass shootings in Las Vegas and El Paso, in which HCA Healthcare colleagues provided extraordinary care to victims and communities. “It’s those moments where the culture of an organization really drives our response, and we give our best during the worst times,” she said.

In her own career, Lisa has come to appreciate the wide range of experiences she’s had. “What really helped me was being open-minded about my career opportunities,” she says. “I didn’t always know I’d be successful, but I never shied away from a new opportunity.”

The key, she says, is to never stop growing – even when the journey isn’t a straight line. “You don’t always have to see the immediate path ahead of you,” Lisa says. “I have taken opportunities that weren’t the most glamourous or comfortable, but in the end, when I look back, they tended to be my favorites.”

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