Glint today unveiled Narrative Intelligence™, the industry’s most advanced natural language processing (NLP) engine. The new technology combines modern organizational development science with machine learning and interactive visualizations to tell an organization’s story through the eyes of employees. Narrative Intelligence synthesizes open-ended feedback to expose the underlying issues the organization is facingeven issues that haven’t been directly addressed by a survey question or other feedback mechanism. Powered by Glint’s AI-for-HR™ technology, the system then guides leaders and managers to the right course of action that will benefit the organization, teams, and people.

“Large, complex organizations can receive hundreds of thousands of open-ended responses from employees through different channels over time. Together these comments tell a story that, up until now, has been nearly impossible to decipher—let alone to take action to improve,” said Jim Barnett, CEO and co-founder of Glint. “Previously, insights delivered by surveys and even technology platforms have been limited to the questions asked. Narrative Intelligence surfaces the underlying strengths and challenges that organizations may not think to ask about and builds a bridge to action that has never before existed.”

“Narrative Intelligence is exactly what I was looking for, but didn’t know I needed,” said Ronan Cosme, Learning & Organizational Development, SS&C Advent. “With this leading-edge technology applied to employee comments, understanding what our people are saying is easier and faster.”

The underlying technology behind Narrative Intelligence can draw from feedback across the lifecycle to tell a story and tease out nuances. By aggregating the multitude of open-ended responses into a visual map of key topics, Narrative Intelligence exposes how employees feel about them and how sentiment and importance evolve over time. It then identifies connections between topics—for example, revealing a strong connection between Culture and Customer Focus for a particular team, so leaders can drill into the specific aspects of Customer Focus that people are talking about—to gain a more concrete understanding of Culture and how to take steps to improve it. The platform guides leaders to effective action leveraging the same organizational development taxonomy that powers Glint’s Action Planning system.

“Context makes all the difference between information and insight. Without context, all you have is a set of categories, word counts, and sentiment. Interesting, but frankly, not that useful,” said Goutham Kurra, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Glint. “So we built Narrative Intelligence to extract and visualize the organizational context in which feedback is given. When combined with sentiment and demographic overlays, this context allows clear patterns to emerge, and deeper, more relevant insights to organically arise. And by connecting qualitative feedback with business outcomes, leaders and managers can more easily understand the relationship between how their people feel about their experiences and the success of their organization. Ultimately, Narrative Intelligence helps shine a clear light on immediate paths to action.”

Narrative Intelligence works with all types of people data, across the entire employee lifecycle—including engagement surveys and pulses, “always-on” feedback channels, onboarding feedback, exit interviews, 180s, and more. The new technology also maps connections between specific topics, demographics, numerical data, and business outcomes organizations track—such as performance, turnover, and customer satisfaction.

Narrative Intelligence is available immediately as part of the Glint people success platform and as a stand-alone offering that works with any platform.

To learn more about how organizations can take effective action on qualitative feedback, join Glint’s upcoming webinar, “Give New Meaning to the Employee Voice: How to Turn Qualitative Feedback into Insights and Action,” on April 18 at 2PM ET/11AM PT. More information about Narrative Intelligence can be found here.


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