Optimizing Your Recognition Investment

Recognition is consistently ranked one of the most important drivers of engagement, with a clear impact on the commitment, tenure, and performance of employees across industries and geographies. Despite its crucial position, it tends to be one of the lowest-scoring drivers year-over-year, consistently rated as a top focus area for managers looking to to improve engagement levels.

In this recorded session, Amy Lavoie, Senior Consultant of Organizational Science at Glint, will help HR practitioners better understand the recognition needs of their organizations through technology and improved employee listening. She will highlight the actions you can take today to coach and support different teams in order to systematically improve recognition and drive engagement and performance organization-wide.

  • Why recognition should be an important focus area for engagement and performance programs
  • Tips for taking a more targeted approach to understanding recognition across your organization
  • How to begin to take action to improve recognition with an emphasis on technology and employee listening

This webcast was recorded during HR.com’s Recognition & Engagement Virtual Event on May 3, 2017.