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Data Sheet

Data Sheet: Narrative Intelligence

Download the data sheet to discover how Glint’s Narrative Intelligence helps organizations truly understand the employee voice.
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Data Sheet: Team Effectiveness

Download the data sheet to discover how Glint’s Team Effectiveness program helps create stronger and higher-performing teams.
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Data Sheet: Employee Lifecycle

Download the Employee Lifecycle data sheet to learn how Glint can help your organization measure and improve the employee experience.
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eBook: The Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Employee Engagement Pulse Program

Download this eBook to discover the steps to implementing an employee engagement pulse program.
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eBook: The Employee Engagement Barometer

Use this eBook to gauge your organization’s effectiveness in measuring and improving employee engagement.
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Infographic: Why Managers Don’t Take Action on Employee Engagement Data

Fewer than 1/3 of managers proactively take action to improve employee engagement on their teams. Download our infographic to discover how HR can empower managers create teams that thrive.
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Infographic: Turn Managers into Employee Engagement Champions

Help your managers own Employee Engagement with these 3 easy steps.
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Product Brief

Glint Product Brief

Download the product brief to learn more about the Glint people success platform.
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On Demand Webinar: How Opower Uses People Analytics

The Power of People Data: How Opower Relies on People Analytics for a Happier, Healthier Workplace
Download the webinar

On Demand Webinar: Why Marketo Scrapped the Annual Survey

Hear Joan Burke, Senior Vice-President of HR at Marketo, talk about how this fast growing company adopted software to keep a pulse on employee engagement.
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On Demand Webinar: “We Don’t Do HR”: How Proteus is Becoming A More People-Focused Organization

Every smart company realizes that its most important asset isn’t its customers, its product, or its proprietary resources–it’s its people. Engaging and inspiring them is the most important opportunity organizations have in order to compete and win.
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Quick Guide to Post-Pulse Conversations for Managers

Download this guide to help your organization’s managers have more effective conversations with their teams.
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Whitepaper: The Chemistry of Employee Engagement

There’s a science to creating a highly engaged organization—consistently and systematically. Download this paper to uncover the data-driven strategies of leaders who are using real-time employee engagement.
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Whitepaper: Seven Habits That Are Stalling Your Employee Engagement Programs…

Hampered by outdated employee engagement strategies? Learn how to transform your company’s old habits into the effective, future-ready programs that drive today’s high-performing organizations.
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