There are a lot of solution providers out there. We know they often sound alike. Here's what our customers tell us makes Glint different:

Real-Time Insights
Real-Time Insights

Many engagement solutions are a lot like history class — detailed information about a time long ago. Others offer speed, but not deep insight.

Glint delivers human-level insight at super-human speed. Proactive intelligence immediately surfaces opportunities, predicts risks, and most importantly — prescribes action.

People-Centric Architecture

Unlike survey providers, Glint is built on a people-centric architecture that captures data throughout the employee experience, giving you insights across all your feedback programs. And it’s designed to support complex, global organizations, regardless of how they’re organized — or how often they’re reorganized.

Guided Action

Uncovering insights from employee feedback is only valuable if your organization takes action. Glint is more than a report on a desk. Our platform is uniquely designed to overcome the typical barriers to action by guiding leaders and managers through the process of strengthening engagement and driving results.

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