Every day in the life of an organization brings new challenges. Individuals and teams make daily decisions to address these challenges and to seize opportunities -- decisions that impact customers and business results. As a CEO, the best way I know to ensure we’re making good decisions is by building a people-driven workplace - one where my team feels heard, empowered, and filled with purpose. We try to create a culture where a shared mission and shared priorities allow our people to move quickly, confident they’re aligned with the organization as a whole. Together with my team, I’m focused on creating an environment where people love their jobs. And I believe that this love is what powers our success.

It was this type of highly-aligned, mission-driven, growth-oriented work environment that inspired us to create Glint. Our mission is to help people be happier and more successful at work. We achieve that mission by partnering with organizations around the world to help their people thrive with the Glint platform. We’ve seen these people-driven organizations achieve incredible results by increasing engagement, investing in, growing, and believing in their people, and building great cultures and employee experiences.

Glint teammates around the world wake up every morning excited to serve humanity, believing that as we help people be happier and more successful, they will not only perform better and stay longer, but also love their jobs. In fact, we’ve created a vision statement to reflect just that: “A world where your people love their jobs.” This belief and this vision are why we created the “Go Ahead. Love your job.” campaign. We’ve seen first-hand that when your people love what they do, they do it better, and they, your team, and your company thrive.

Organizations unleash the best in their people when they embrace a people-driven mindset. They commit to effective listening programs, cultivate environments that are rich in feedback, and make growth opportunities and strong development and learning experiences part of the fabric of the organization.

With our platform and foundation of people science, organizations are well on their way to creating these special places to work. Glint provides the infrastructure and capability that allows for continuous feedback, manager ownership of engagement and performance, and the opportunity for HR to go from administrators to leaders, supporters, and coaches. Our customers provide the spirit, drive, and love that sustains it.

Some of the unique ways our customers are helping their people love their jobs:

We created this campaign and this space to celebrate our customers and inspire our networks to create people-driven organizations. These stories are our ethos, and we’re thrilled to share them with you via this campaign and beyond. This is just the beginning.